Mission & Vision


Veerangna Awanti Bai College is devoted to :

VAB College is one of the largest colleges in Chhatarpur district, with a well-educated academician providing education in different fields, a multi-faceted institution has a reputation for outstanding performance of academics in the college. A constituent college of Maharaja Chhatrasal Bundelkhand University, it attracts some of the hardest work every year, not only due to its reputation in Chhatarpur, but also due to its dedicated faculty more importantly. There are many famous writers of its faculty and it is read with great interest by scholars and researchers. Apart from this, concerted efforts are being made to improve its infrastructure and facilities. Over the years, graduates and postgraduate students from VAB College have done well in life. Many students have been easily enrolled in famous universities and have good jobs.

  1. To make learning socio economically relevant.
  2. To provide ample platform for all round development of students.
  3. To prepare the students to meet the emerging global challenges.
  4. To provide effective and modern teaching learning facilities, keeping pace with the latest educational techniques.
  5. To create a teaching- learning environment conducive to the pursuit of higher knowledge, relevant skills and experience.
  6. To include new developments in education in to the curriculum so as to promote academic advancement leading to national development.
  7. To promote awareness on ecological and environmental issues.
  8. To effect changes in the curriculum with information and communication technology.
  9. To develop skilled personnel through vocational ans entrepreneurial education.


Veerangna Awanti Bai College, Chhatarpur (M.P.) aspires to create a class of intellectually, morally and spiritually sound and committed citizens, who will become a human resource of high competence.


Core Values of Veerangna Awanti Bai College are :

  1. Contributing to societal growth.
  2. Promoting team effort and inculcating values.
  3. Holistic progress of students
  4. Expendition of academic excellence