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Veerangna Awanti Bai College, Chhatarpur (M.P.) aspires to create a class of intellectually, morally and spiritually sound and committed citizens, who will become a human resource of high competence.


Veerangna Awanti Bai College is devoted to :

  • To make learning socio economically relevant.
  • To provide ample platform for all round development of students.
  • To prepare the students to meet the emerging global challenges.
  • To provide effective and modern teaching learning facilities, keeping pace with the latest educational techniques.
  • To create a teaching- learning environment conducive to the pursuit of higher knowledge, relevant skills and experience.
  • To include new developments in education in to the curriculum so as to promote academic advancement leading to national development.
  • To promote awareness on ecological and environmental issues.
  • To effect changes in the curriculum with information and communication technology.
  • To develop skilled personnel through vocational ans entrepreneurial education.


Core Values of Veerangna Awanti Bai College are :

  • Contributing to societal growth.
  • Promoting team effort and inculcating values.
  • Holistic progress of students
  • Expendition of academic excellence

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